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The New SPA148.com


We have been busy during the recent weeks and it's pretty obvious by now that the website is one of the many things we have been doodling about. We spent days and days bashing out new ideas and throwing suggestions at each other and finally, after grueling weeks and a day spent to watch the Green Lantern in the movies (which turned out to be a 'just-okay' movie after somehow failing in the expectations it was presenting during pre-selling) and a nice dinner at Pat and Lee in Kalayaan, Makati to reward ourselves, we are all but excited to launch the new SPA148.com.

Brandishing a totally new layout and design, let's swiftly shift to what's new and what to expect in the site - new color scheme, new features and provisions to what's coming next, we just can't wait to give you some glimpse in the details. All the product of our objective to value your time and so we definitely don't want your stay here to be wasted and instead put you in a relaxing experience tantamount to the services we offer.

The logo moved from red to purple. Purple, like red, belongs to the Fire element. The color was the communal choice as it is the perfect statement of our passion and high energy on what we do. Purple, a royal color, embodies our drive to the industry to be the authority.

A dominance of Green - lush and healing, this belongs to the Wood element that brings energy of health, vitality and growth. It is given and a likely choice as green generates an atmosphere that is calm, soothing and balanced. Harmony and equilibrium are qualities of green and science say it has a mild astringent effect that aids in the elimination of toxic material from our body.

Design was greatly improved with the green background changing as you move around, so as not to bore and instead give an engaging and soothing experience to our visitors. Information our visitors would be looking for are easier to access and if there are more to know, the Contacts area offer several ways to reach us. Not just that, if you like the SPA148 experience, there are 'email this page' links everywhere so everyone can share the many benefits of our services to family and friends.

More things will be coming out soon and we are just excited as ever. The new website is a precursor of many improvements and exciting happenings here and around SPA148. We are driven as ever to give only the best to our customers. Please check back often to see what's cooking. You can also follow and like us at Facebook [http://www.facebook.com/spa148 ].


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