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In this age where the competition is in who brings the information first, SPA148 brings you the perfect place, SPA148.com, where you will find the answers to your questions about the company, from its humble beginning to how you understand SPA148 right now, to know and learn more about its services, how we can help you make your relaxation time the best that it can be, and also to give you real-time updates of all its current ongoings.

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We value not just our customers' wellness but their overall experience with SPA148 as well.

SPA148.com is both the perfect place for our customers to learn more about us and an alternative way to reach us (and us to reach you!). The contents and design of the site has been carefully made and selected to make our customers have experience with SPA148 the best that it can be. New articles will be posted in the home page regularly that talks about almost everything in SPA148 - from new products/services releases to what-and-where events that SPA148 will be hanging out, from interesting stories about wellness from our own experiences to selected reads from other sources and walks of life.

SPA148 understands the need to interact with other individuals or group to discuss possibilities. Be it a startup healthcare group or an established company directly or indirectly connected (or even no connection at all!) in healthcare industry, hotels, condominiums, etc. SPA148 may have something that will be both beneficial to parties involved. The site provides a place for those who would like to partner with us. Contact us and we can probably work on something that you might be interested with.

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As SPA148 is an avid advocate of helping and contributing in the community, we have also provided a link for jobs and opportunities available within our circle. We keep a nice harmony within our employees and maintain an at-par working environment for everyone in SPA148 to enjoy.

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Then and again, we value our customers. Your comments and suggestions mean a lot to us and would like to hear from you. At SPA148, customer service is a continuing work towards perfection and hearing from our customers plays a vital role in this effort. We are all excited to hear from you!

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